Places of Worship in Northeast Minneapolis

Northeast Minneapolis is known for its large number of churches, including Minneapolis' very first church, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church founded in 1849.

There are four historical Polish churches in Northeast: Holy Cross, All Saints, St. Hedwig, and Sacred Heart of Jesus Polish National Catholic Church. Holy Cross has a thriving Polish ministry and continues to have a Mass in Polish each weekend. A significant number of Polish Americans also belong to St. Anthony of Padua.

The Italian community is closely associated with St. Clement and Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Currently Our Lady of Mount Carmel offers a service for the deaf. The Slovak community and a growing Latino community are associated with St. Cyril. Other ethnic Catholic churches include St. Maron (Lebanese), St. John's Byzantine Rite (Rusyn), St. Constantine's (Ukrainian), and St. Boniface (German).

Northeast was also the site of significant developments in the history of the Orthodox Church in the United States. It was here that St. Alexis Toth founded the first Orthodox seminary in the United States at St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral. Presently, there are two Orthodox churches in Northeast: St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral and St. Michael and St. George Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Our immigrant population is ever changing and today northeast is home to several Islamic Centers, and a Buddhist Temple.



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